Due to a large back log, I cannot accept new work at present. Please check back later.

What I do.

Clocks 'n' Watches is a complete clock and watch repair place in Mumbai, India. I only do antique clocks and watches. I do complete servicing of your treasured antique horological possessions. I can do everything from a simple COA (clean, oil, adjust) to fabrication of parts (wheels, barrels, pallets, balance staffs, stems) and refurbishing of cases.

I offer a service to restore your antique timepiece to its original running condition with a goal of keeping it as original as possible.

How I work.

Clocks 'n' Watches is a well equipped place. I have a range of tooling from several Watchmaker's lathes, bench lathes, Jacot tools, Poising tools, advanced optics and a plethora of hand tools. I am always on the lookout for more tools -- antique or modern to add to my repertoire.

What I don't do.

What I don't do is quartz clocks / watches, I don't do modern production watches (no parts available -- long story) and I don't string you along.

My estimate is not firm but is usually not too far off the mark either.


All my work is warranted for a year excepting breakage of parts or damage due to mishandling or if the timepiece has been worked on by the owner or another repairman.

Take a look at the galleries to see some of the kind of work I do.

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